Johannesburg Single Lady Sophia, 39, – Travelling alone is boring. I need a Ben 10.

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My appearance

I look good. I know this because I get texts every day saying the same thing. It actually gets boring sometimes. In terms of height, I am not quite sure how tall I am but I think am around 5 ft. I am dark brown in complexion and you can see this on my pictures. On the hair part, I like to keep it short in summer because sometimes it gets really hot this side.

My dream man’s appearance

I am dark skin and so I can expect someone who brings me something different. You have to be a little lighter than me if we are going to have a relationship. I won’t be much concerned about the height as long as you are way above my shoulders. You also have to be a bit muscular so that you can be able to carry me if need be. Sometimes it feels good being carried by your man.

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Why I need man

As a Johannesburg Single Lady I am tired and bored of travelling alone. I have businesses internationally and I want someone I can attend meetings with. This person should also be my man and we should share almost everything. This is why I reached out here to get myself a man.

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