Ruth, 37, From Soweto, just joined SATESPACE and she wants you there for talks. Be her Ben 10 and make money.

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About me

I’m that kind of wish who likes to have fun. All the time I don’t like those people who try to control me and force me to live life in their terms. I have always liked drinking since high school and I can’t just give it up now at this age. If you date me we will have all the fun there has ever been and we won’t regret a thing until we are eighty or even above

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Many people think I am colored and wild but the truth is I’m just light skin, rich, beautiful and happy all the time. If you become my Ben 10 we will share all this happiness and so your stress will disappear. They say you gotta earn more risen your spend but the truth is I don’t really earn, the money just keeps coming whether I’m working for it or I’m just sitting home. For real.

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Below are a few things that you are guaranteed to get from me as soon we set everything right on SATESPACE. It so behind on SATESPACE then we can get to use other sites as we become and more comfortable with each other. This is the list and reason why I want it for you:

1. Money

I don’t want you to ever stress yourself about money again. I will send you money on a daily basis never we even meet so that you can up with me to the point where we get to meet and arrange the future

2 Devices

I will send phones and laptops to your home address. We have to keep talking and video calling. Nothing had to get in the way of this so I will get you an iPhone with a good camera and a laptop for skyping each overrider during those lonely nights.

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3 Cars

4 Rent

5 Job

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