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Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

It’s my pleasure to meet the friends of love like you. Some they pay to get a lady and some pay for magosha. But as for me I will pay a ben 10 to be mine. I prefer those who are poor to be revived and those without school fees to go back to school. Most preferred are university students and poor school levers.

About me and my personal details

Born in Limpopo from a school teacher I later moved to Pretoria to look for a job. I got married to a White guy. He later died on a car crush leaving everything for me. I have 1 child from a white guy. I have changed my mind I have to promote other blacks. Now I am looking for black boy to spend all the wealthy a white guy has acquired.

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In addition to the above I have 3 boats and 7 cars as well. On top of that I have a house in Durban and Pretoria. If you need to take one of them you can use it for the benefit of your family. Even if you take them there.

What type of a boy I am looking for

  1. My boy should be faithful to me and me only – you should not date anyone- no cheating
  2. The boy should not bring anything from home – I will provide everything for you.
  3. You must be handsome and willing to stay with me not going back to your place.
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I will change rules anytime depending on your behaviour so you should brace for change. I am ready to be honest with you and you only.

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In conclusion you should also stay at home and stay safe till we meet. Please take note we should have Whatsapp call until we meet again.

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