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Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

Magosha Live, you no longer need to pay but to be paid now. But your passport is the size. I will have to call you on video and asses you. Later I will recommend chat or block you. Younger boys only those who are older plead get away.

What type of a boy do I need.

Young energetic and smart is the first. Coming from a poor family an added advantage for I will also pay rent for you, buy food and take care of your siblings. I like it when we do it private and people think that it’s you who is hustling for the family.

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In addition to the above I need someone who doesn’t break my heart. I don’t like sharing man. I must be the only one for you. Furthermore I will take all your phones and know all passwords so that you won’t cheat. I will exchange phones without notice.

How to get me and my details?

If you need me please take your time and take my details below. Firstly I am on SATESPACE. I post all my photos and videos. I also reply to messages and meet you direct. I may be very glad to meet you.

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How much do I worth?

I have 10 cars and very few supermarkets. I have a school and preschool as well. If you love me I will give you all what you want. If you need a super market I can give you

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What I can give you if you Love me truly.

  1. Airtime daily until you say stop
  2. If you are at university I will pay all fees and residential fees or accommodation
  3. If you are doing a business I can sponsor you as well
  4. If you have Code 14 driving license I can give you a personal car
  5. You can tell me your list as well.

In conclusion I would like to say –On all magoshas I am the best I am now rich and happy. If you date me I will off course love you back in cash and In Kind.

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