Miriam (37), East London- “I just can’ t resist a South African Ben 10, come teach me how”.

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For a start:

I will start with a few promises before we even start talking so I can get you in the proper mood to text me. Most Ben 10s want to know whats in it for them and that’s just how it works on SATESPACE. I honestly don’t take it as a place for love but a place for making money using your own physique and bed tactics. Only juvenile poor sugar moms will see this as a challenge. For a start:

You will own a new whip

This will be something of your choice. I wont be there to choose a perfect car for you. I will take you to the best car selling companies and you will register for the one you want. I am a chubby person and my only request in advance is that you pick a car which is suitable for the both of us.

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In the case that you are not yet able to drive or still below 18, I will deal a license for you. Its quite simple because I have a lot of connections with the governmental transport sector. My Ben 10 has to be allowed to drive his sugar mom to wherever the two of them choose to go.

I will make you independent

Of course a house is something you will gwt within our first couple of memories created. I would want some cool place to visit you at and this shouldn’t be your mothers house. That’s just not cool. I fact I want us to spend as much time as we want with each other and this will need some nice house.

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You start by talking to me. I am more active on SATESPACE:

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The button leads you to where you should register. During registration SATESPACE may even allow you to skip some stages but don’t skip the profile picture part. Its what I use to prove whether you are real or not. After the whole registration thing, comment on my profile.