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Tell me if I am not your dream sugar mum it’s time to see if we can match. Exchanging Whatsapp numbers daily. Please lets try to date online and we match.

Before you text me on Whatsapp:

Make sure you are serious about me before you rush to text me on WhatsApp. I am tired of little boys coming around just to mess with me. However Now I have decided to just block any man who comes to me without any signs of seriousness and we fail to match. If you are really ready for a relationship, please text me on WhatsApp.

My general details before we match

My interests:

 I am interested in a variety of things ranging from religion up to business. I am also interested in making new friends every time I step out of my door. About business, I don’t like sticking to just buying and selling. Unlike most people, I like manufacturing my own products like textiles, then adding value to them before putting them into the market.

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I don’t know if this is going to sound odd but I have never kept pets before. At some point long back, I have thought about getting myself a Chihuahua but then I have no idea how to take care of dogs besides just feeding them. After all, I doubt if I will even find time to walk it around. I am afraid I will just overfeed it.

Body art:

 I have no body art. My family and I are strictly Christian and it’s not allowed for us to ink ourselves. In addition The only piercings I have are on my ears and nowhere else. Besides that I can afford tattoos, I really find it hard to decide what I have to write on myself without regretting it later. It just takes so much boldness to ink yourself.

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What type of a person I need to match with

Body type: My man should be taller than me. This is non-negotiable and if you are below 5ft please don’t waste my time. This is serious because I care about the image I portray out there.

Behaviour: If you want to be with me then you should learn how to practice self-control. I don’t want to end up with someone who is abusive and doesn’t know how to handle a woman.

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