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Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

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The social network is called SATESPACE. I got my first Ben 10 on SATESPACE he was handsome and lovely. I told him to get insurance but he refused. I gave him a car but he got accident and died.

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What type of a Ben 10 I am looking for?

Firstly I need someone who has love, no matter you are poor or rich what I need is the fact that you have love. I will find you a job, and give you a house and all your family will be taken care of. In addition you will choose a holiday to go every weekend. If you are a school child Yes I will pay you fees.

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More About Me– I am a simple going woman looking for my love I like going out with friends special on Sunday I love dressing well my favourite colour is black and white and I like my work My favourite music are African music I like dancing with small  boys pushing each other.

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Johannesburg – South Africa You can Come

Physical address

125 Summit Road

Hyde Park


South Africa

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