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The truth is that my real name is not Tasha. I’m only using it on this site because I still have a husband. I’ll give you my real name on my SATESPACE. The problem is that I’m afraid he may also have an account on that site so I will need you to create a unique one. If I suspect that you are not real then I will just ignore you.

People without pictures on their profile on their profile annoy me. I don’t even take a second to scroll through their profile. I mean why waste my precious time on a ghost account? Be different from these people. Create the best profile there is. It will take you time to win my attention once you have done. Use the below button and watch how far everything goes:

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I’m not going to lie about this: I’m married. The truth though, is that my man is never around. I think he had another wife somewhere. When I look at home I don’t feel that spark anymore that we used to feel in our first days. He ruined everything himself and I blame him for it. First of all he pissed me off by forcing me to have an abortion and now he’s unavailable.

Personality? I’m the best one you can find. I prefer sour truth over sweet lies. The truth is that I don’t lie that often either. Lies anyways irritate me and I don’t know why people find pleasure in them. It’s very easy to become a good person like, just spend time with a good person like me.

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I have been gathering money and starting businesses that my husband died not know about. Join me in spending this. It’s all just for you and me. Let’s go as far as we want from these boring and judgemental relatives. It’s time we start living for ourselves. Well, you know how to contact me from the procedure I gave you above.

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