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Good day I hope I have found you well – I am Lisa Dhlamini Staying in South Africa. I don’t Have a specific place because I have 3 Companies in Jo Burg, And 2 Supermarkets in Durban then 2 Hair dressing Saloons in Cape Town.

Firstly I heard that the first Sugar Mama to be posted here got 32 000 boys from South Africa. I need to Break that record today. I need 40 000 boys to comment here. I will give each boy a prize. Just comment below with the prize you want. Choose from the List Below

  1. A car of your choice- Benz, Hyundai, Toyota
  2. House – High density or Low density
  3. Scholarship or Fees – University or Grade 10
  4. Cash to start any business – Any Amount

How to get my direct Number –

Firstly you need to Be a good boy, if you drink beer please tell me, I need to know it before I choose you. Secondly I need to know whom are you staying with, is it your mother father or Sisters. Above all I need an honest boy who can take care of what we have.

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NB: I will give everyone a chance to enjoy- I will go with you to a hotel and test if you are gud. Don’t worry if you see others posting their numbers. Everyone will get a chance to enjoy me.

MORE RULES TO GET ME – Please read Below for More

How to Get My Whatsapp Number?

As a high profiled person you must take into account that I don’t easily give out my Whatsapp number. Very few will get my direct Whatsapp number. I know you need proof that its me who is chatting or it me the one looking for you. Please Lets be serious and Me On the other private social networks which are very private.

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After Signing Up Please Post Good pictures of A handsome boy. I will just come to your Inbox direct.

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In conclusion please If you forget what to do Please go back to Whatsapp Click the Link again and read instructions again. No Man should be single. Furthermore you also need to comment with your number and get in touch

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