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Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

Why no expectations?

The thing is I’m not trying to marry you or bring any sort of complications. I just want your company and in turn I can assist you with other things. It’s therefore not really necessary for me to expect you to be something you are not because in the long run you will still need to be yourself. The hard truth is that we won’t be together forever, but you won’t regret meeting me in the first place.

I won’t put an expectations paragraph because that will give me a wide range of choices on who to date because every man who’s feel like they stand a chance, of course they really do. And the fact that they will they too text me will only increase their chances.  The first one to get to me mine will my attention though. Try to be the first one. I’m sure you’re one of the first people to see this post. Get things done right away.

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Whether your you are dark or light, your still got a chance with me. I don’t care about height, age or whatsoever. Just get your hopes high because today might finally be your day. Most of you guys lose because you wait to much. Act fast and you will get you woman out there. There are a few weeks in SATESPACE and every guy is competing for them. Try to get your own. Be ahead of the game. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

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The promises part

Well, I’m not your mom so I won’t promise you emotional boost or whatsoever. That’s not my role in your life and neither it’s it yours to boost mine. If you got me send esteem then that’s your fault and you are the only one capable of doing something about it. My promises are materialistic and their involve things you won’t just hey anywhere. By this I mean nice cars, 6 figure job, a lot of side hustles and a better life.

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