I’m of Indian background I’m trying to escape an arranged marriage, Priyona

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I know who they want me to marry, I don’t want him

My family wants to marry me to this guy called Shahid. I really don want him! He is too traditional and he doesn’t even look good enough for me. Please help me escape him.

Of course I don’t hate my own race. It’s just people who are too emotional for no reason turn me off. My father says that I have to do what he wants and long as I’m in his house. I don’t have problems with that but marriage is something I think I should choose for myself. The man my father wants to give me is not of my choice.

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We are a rich family and some of the company branches have been registered in my name. Is I marry Shahid then everything will collapse. He is not educated and he won’t help me to run the company. I’m looking for someone with some background education to help to run my family company in the future. I don’t think this will be very difficult because we will just be the supervisors collecting and using the money for our future kids.

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The first point I’ll say is that I really don’t want someone of my own race. I’m just trying to break the circle. I feel like my kids should have a separate set of genes. The truth is that people might be offended by this request but this is what I want. Growing up we were always told that we could learn a lot from mixing with different kind of people. I’m just doing my part.

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