I still haven’t met my dream guy on SATESPACE, they don’t meet my standards. Be my one and only- Pauline (34). Date SA single online.

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My standards are not that high after all. I think most men out there can reach them. Maybe it’s just that I gotta take time because SATESPACE has all the dating solutions, they will always get you a match no matter how unique you might be or even if you want a top celebrity. Most people just don’t know how to get the best out of it. I think the best way to learn is the use the “help” section and understand how best you can use it. T&C’s don’t really matter much.

One thing I want is height. I’m a tall last and this might be a challenge for most people because you won’t find it easy to be taller than me. Problem being I can’t take you if you are shorter. Otherwise how will I present you to my family and friends? They expect me to get myself more than that. My Exs will be shocked when I pull up with someone taller than them and that’s what I want.

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There’s also something about a guys physique that I really just can’t resist. I’m not talking about big muscles and puffed chest here, it’s all hidden in your posture. Be upright, shoulders pushed backwards and eyes wide open facing forward not downwards. You shouldn’t walk like you just got charged with a death sentence. Be free and confident and you will create a spark in me.

There’s only one thing I haven’t mentioned and I’m sure we both can guess what it is. This is the part today annoys most guys because there’s really nothing they can do about it except wait. So here it is: Age! Which of your guys can knowingly date an underaged girl? It just doesn’t seem right even if we don’t take about the severe consequences of that. Better to mess with someone your own age isn’t it? Exactly.

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I’m on SATESPACE, don’t stress.

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Whether you get my number or not depends on the trustworthiness of your profile, a glimpse of your appearance would do.