Bloemfontein Single Mum Emma 37, – We can start a company and name it after ourselves. I got the capital.

Dating South Africa Single Mothers Sugar Moma

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General information about the Bloemfontein Single Mum

How I look- I am a tall lady who likes to keep short hair sometimes.

Marital status: I am divorced. We separated with my husband years ago.

My dress code: As an entrepreneur, my favourite dress code is formal. I wear suits and heels because I am a businesswoman.

What I do on my free time: I like jogging. I also like baking on my free time and taking walks in the park.

Here is what I have to say about myself:

Not to blow my own trumpet but I am the kind of woman who gets whatever she wants. Whenever I want something, I go out and get it for myself. This is why I am here to get you, because I would really like a young man who can help me remember my old days. I am a religious lady but not extremely religious though.

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More About Me –

As a Bloemfontein Single Mum I still have a couple of things that I do which do not necessarily include religion in them. For you thigh, I don’t really care whether you are religious or not. All I want is for us to start something that will bear our name in it.

My type of relationship: I will be clear with you that I am only a sugar mom and that means I won’t be your girlfriend but just someone you go out with. This means you won’t be owning me and we are not going to have the strings which bring headaches in most relationships. Despite all this, I will give you all the love you want.

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 I will try by all means not to make you jealous because I really don’t want my man feeling insecure.

Within the next few months: I will make you happy and richer. My man should always be as rich as I am. When we start our own thing, we will run it together and split the profits in half even though I will provide all the capital and expenses.

How to my direct whatsapp number and we chat fairly

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