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Good day if you have many cars and houses its hard to get a real man. Firstly you get married men only but by the coming of SATESPACE I am happy I am getting the best man ever. If I get you I will first do a party to thank you for all your work and love you have given me.

Introduction and About me           

Firstly I would like to thank you for your time and ability to read about me. I hope I will impress you and you choose me as well. I stay in Johannesburg but I have houses in Durban and Cape Town. To add on to the above I also have 19 cars plus few business.

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My first relationship came to an end after the man cheated on me, I moved on in peace. Furthermore I have 1 baby girl who is my camera girl. She has beautiful shots which you must not miss at all. I am waiting to send all the photos to you and video while swimming, bathing and dancing.

How to get my Whatsapp number and House numbers

My home address is 234 Rissik Street, Johannesburg South Africa. My Home Land line Number is +27 10 453876

To get in touch please Come to that place direct or just Call that number I will answer you myself. Please just say may I talk to Baby Mama. I will come running.

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Whatsapp Number  Whatsapp Number   Baby Mama Whatsapp

Lets say you need my Whatsapp number this is very crucial – you need to be on SATESPACE so that you meet me and see my photos before we chat. May be you won’t like me or You hate me. By so doing please Sign Up for SATESPACE FIRST TO GET my Whatsapp number.

How to Sign Up On SATESPACE

You click the sign up Button below

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After that you fill the required details and upload your profile picture and cover photo. You will be welcomed by your Baby Mama – the rich one.

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What type of A Man I am looking for

Firstly you must be energetic and lovely – Secondly you must have a good phone for video call – of which if you don’t have I can buy you SAMSUNG S10 latest. In addition to the above I need a handsome man.

If you need me Please Comment with your number