Amahle (31), Jorburg- “Are you a young Ben 10 who loves drinking and having fun? Welcome to SATESPACE”

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A few things

It’s always a good idea to clarify the gray areas first. Otherwise we will end up raising false hopes for each other. Below I will mention a few things that I expect you to have before we can get into a relationship. They are not so many though and not that difficult to reach either.

Loves fun: I’m not on SATESPACE to look for marriage. If today was the case I will be in church right now. On SATESPACE every sugar mom is looking for a Ben 10 for fun. If you are that holy type them I m sorry to say I’m not really your type. You could always try someone else for now.

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Drinks: I drink a lot and I don’t like being judged for it. The only difference is that I only drink the expensive stuff. Otherwise where is the fun of you don’t take any drinks? If you like drinking then you have come to the right Sugar mom. We will drink together all the time in whichever city right.

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Maturity: These relationships are usually contact relationships until maybe we as the partners decide otherwise. Besides that each of us is free to do whatever they feel like doing. I don’t want you to get jealous because I went be jealous no matter how you decide to spend your time.

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Age: Basically I would say eighteen is the youngest you can be but I just didn’t really care that much anymore. Discovered there are so many big men out there who just haven’t reached the right age. So honestly, you can just try texting me on SATESPACE even if not eighteen yet.

This is how you get to me:

The first thing you do is register on SATESPACE. This button will take you to the platform:

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For me to really really first you should have a few uploads on your account. Thus how we decide whether to reply or not. It shows how serious you are. If you have enough pictures and videos, you can look for me and leave a comment. Either your Facebook username or WhatsApp number.

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